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Details about the Bill, Backers, and Progress

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Details About the Bill, Backers, and Progress in the House


Text of Bill


Backers (co-sponsors and other backers)


  • Cosponsors as of May 9, 2006


Rep. Judy Biggert R-IL

Rep. Michael Castle R-DE

Rep. Geoff Davis R-KY

Rep. Philip English R-PA

Rep. Mark Kirk R-IL

Rep. John Kuhl R-NY

Rep. Michael McCaul R-TX

Rep. Candice Miller R-MI

Rep. Todd Platts R-PA

Rep. Jon Porter R-NV

Rep. Peter Sessions R-TX

Rep. Christopher Shays R-CT

Rep. John Shimkus R-IL

Rep. W. Curtis Weldon R-PA

Rep. Gerald Weller R-IL




Progress, amendments, etc.




Updated to?

*May 16, 2006

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