Significant Blog and or Internet Responses

Significant Blog and/or Internet Responses to H. R. 5319, Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006


Grouped by Blogger and/or Author



Doug Johnson--Blue Skunk


Chris Harris--Infomancy and elsewher


Andy Carvin--Teacher's Source (also at his own blog, main discussion here)


Tim Stahmer--Assorted Stuff


Will Richardson--Weblogg-Ed


David Warlick--2 cents worth and Online Community Works


Liz Ditz--I Speak of Dreams


Wesley Freyer--Moving at the Speed of Creativity


Robert Talbert--Casting Out Nines


danah boyd--apophenia



Barry Graubart--Content Matters


Tom Hoffman--Ed Tech Insiderand TuttleSVC


Joyce Valenza--Neverending Search


Peter Levine--A Blog for Civic Renewal


Mary Tsao--BlogHer and Mom


Alan Levine--Cog Dog Blog


Vicki A Davis -- Cool Cat Teacher


Joseph R Poletti--Haulin' Net 2006


Travelin' Librarian


Chris Bowers-My Direct Democracy